Managed Cloud VPS

Managed Cloud VPS 1

2 CPU cores 4GB RAM memory 50GB SSD space Daily backup included SPanel control panel

Managed Cloud VPS 2

4 CPU cores 8GB RAM memory 100GB SSD space Daily backup included SPanel control panel

Managed Cloud VPS 3

6 CPU cores 12GB RAM memory 150GB SSD space Daily backup included SPanel control panel

Managed Cloud VPS 4

8 CPU cores 16GB RAM memory 200GB SSD space Daily backup included SPanel control panel
All prices are in BGN and do not include VAT

Create Custom Plan

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    All prices are in BGN and do not include VAT


Additional extras for your server

  • 1 CPU core
  • 5 BGN/mo
  • LiteSpeed 5 Domains 8GB RAM
  • 20 BGN/mo
  • 1GB RAM
  • 2.5 BGN/mo
  • LiteSpeed 5 Domains Unlimited RAM
  • 33.33 BGN/mo
  • 10GB SSD
  • 3.33 BGN/mo
  • LiteSpeed Unlimited Domains 8GB RAM
  • 54.17 BGN/mo
  • 100Mbps extra network speed
  • 4.17 BGN/mo
  • LiteSpeed Unlimited Domains Unlimited RAM
  • 75 BGN/mo
  • 1000GB Bandwidth
  • 12.5 BGN/mo
  • cPanel license for 5 accounts
  • 27.50 BGN/mo
  • 24/7 proactive monitoring
  • 8.33 BGN/mo
  • cPanel license for 30 accounts
  • 38.33 BGN/mo
  • Backup for the last 3 days
  • 3.33 BGN/mo
  • cPanel license for 50 accounts
  • 55 BGN/mo
  • Backup for the last 7 days
  • 7.5 BGN/mo
  • cPanel license for 100 accounts
  • 68.75 BGN/mo
  • CloudLinux
  • 27.5 BGN/mo
  • cPanel license for 150 accounts
  • 75 BGN/mo
  • Softaculous
  • 2.5 BGN/mo
  • cPanel license for 200 accounts
  • 82.50 BGN/mo
  • for every 50 cPanel accounts over 200
  • 17.50 BGN/mo

100% Enterprise Intel SSD storage drives – 50 times faster than regular drives

We only use Intel enterprise-grade drives, optimized for the cloud hosting environment. These are some of the fastest drives in the world. They boast high efficiency and are a reliable friend you can trust your website with.

N+1 redundancy on all levels – storage drives, servers, network

We keep many backup copies of your data on different storage drives. This way, if one of them fails, the rest will continue to run the service. In case the server hosting your website suffers a hardware failure, another cloud server will continue to maintain your website.

Automatic recovery after hardware failure

Exceptional service stability. In case of failure our system will automatically redirect your website to a different healthy machine.

Save money by only paying for what you use

Pre-defined web hosting plans are a thing of the past. By using the NS1 hosting SSD cloud, you can be flexible and add and remove resources in real time depending on your needs. You will have an immediate and uninterrupted access to your resource management. This will allow you to efficiently manage your resources and only pay for the ones you actually need. This is the essence of cloud hosting.

Monstrously powerful servers

We are using some of the most powerful servers on earth. Our servers have 24 CPUs, 16GB RAM and a pure RAID10 SAN for enterprise-grade SSD storage.

Fully manageable server service with cPanel

Your cloud server will be fully manageable if you order cPanel as well. We will take care of the rest for free. Updates, security and daily administration tasks – we take care of the rest of the management process of your cloud hosting.

Not sure which plan to pick? Ask one of our experts for help.